I must confess that I don’t always have the time to make my own nut butters but when I do I really enjoy them. It tends to be because life is so hectic and busy and sometimes due to the size of our kitchen it’s just easier to have a small jar of sugar-free, salt-free cashew or almond butter in the fridge than it is to whip up a whole big batch of my own, which I then have to find jars and space for.

Nut butter is the kind of snack that I enjoy perhaps two or three times a week maximum, sometimes once a week, or sometimes not at all. Although I really love it and I also enjoy cooking and baking with it – and as much as the hoarder side of my personality is afraid of running out – if I’m honest I don’t actually need to have too much nut butter on hand at any one time simply for snacking.

I really enjoy eating cashew or almond nut butter especially with apple slices in the evening after dinner or sometimes as an afternoon snack. I also like to dip carrots and celery into nut butters for a healthy afternoon snack. I also love it on whole-wheat toast with raw honey. And my hubby likes it with marmite – which I cannot stand!

Aside from baking, my favourite uses for nut butters for those spoon-in-the-jar snacking moments, when nothing else will do.

I like to use vanilla powder when I make nut butters, mostly because I primarily use them for sweet baking or snacks. Vanilla powder is more concentrated and purer than vanilla extract as it doesn’t have any added alcohols or sweeteners.

I really how simple it is to make homemade nut butter and I love that there are no artificial flavourings or added sugars etc. This is my go-to recipe, which makes roughly 200g of nut butter.

Most recently, I made mine with brazil nuts (pictured) but I also love to use almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts or cashew nuts.

You can also roast the nuts for 8 – 10 minutes or so at 180°C before you blend the nuts into butter.

Vanilla nut butter

(Makes about 200g)


200g brazil nuts (or almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews)

2 tsp vanilla powder

½ tsp fine pink Himalayan sea salt


In a high-powered food processor, such as a Magimix, blend the nuts for a minute or two and add the vanilla powder and pink Himalayan sea salt.

Blitz again for a few minutes until the consistency is completely smooth.

Transfer to an airtight jar and place in the fridge to set slightly.

My favourite way to eat nut butter

I love to make a quick 10-second homemade Nutella to eat with toast or apple slices and here’s my trick.

I take a teaspoon of my homemade vanilla nut butter and a teaspoon of Sweet Freedom Choc Shot and stir it to make the most delicious and quick version of Nutella. I love it!

I discovered Choc Shot back when I was pregnant, desperate for chocolate but concerned about the dairy industry standards. Choc Shot is vegan, low in fat, calories and sugar and blends fruit sugars and cocoa to create a really silky and chocolatey syrup, which can be used for hot chocolate, on pancakes, in desserts or as I like to use it, in homemade decaf, dairy-free mochas. I absolutely adore this stuff! Give it a try.


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